ISSN : 2093-5986(Print)
ISSN : 2288-0666(Online)
The Korean Society of Health Service Management
Vol.14 No.3 pp.75-85

주관적 의료서비스 질적 수준과 미충족 의료와의 관련성

Relationship between Subjective Quality of Medical Service and Unmet Health Care Needs


Objectives: This study analyzes the relationship between unmet health care needs and quality of medical service. Methods: The data of 10,108 participants in the 2013 Korea Health Panel were analyzed. IBM SPSS Statistics 21.0 was used to conduct frequency and binary logistic regression analyses. Results: The factors associated with unmet health care needs were gender, age, education, medical insurance, economic activity, household income, subjective health status, and so on. Specifically, people who think quality of medical service is not outstanding tend to experience greater unmet health care needs than those who do. Conclusions: The results imply that quality of medical service is an important variable of unmet health care needs and continuous study is needed. Since it is associated with attitude of the medical team and nurses as well as patient satisfaction, it is necessary to find ways to enhance its degree in various fields.




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